Does VOX "remember" music files / music libraries on a NAS?


I started testing VOX against another music player for streaming my music collection (all FLAC files) from a QNAP NAS to my MacBook (OS X Mojave). The first attempt worked pretty well. I imported my music files via Drag&Drop (not sure though, if the import was complete, as I could see no file counter) and I could play / stream them in fantastic quality! :grinning:

However, after rebooting my machine and remounting the NAS, I could still see the imported files in the VOX client, but when I tried to play them, I started received numerous error messages (one per file, it seems). Finally I had to remove the complete collection from the VOX client, import it again from the Finder via Drag&Drop to listen to it.

So my question is - is there any way to make VOX “remember” the music files / libraries, that have been imported from a NAS after reboot, so that they can just be played after mounting the NAS? This is the way the other application works that I am testing in parallel. However, I did notice the sound difference when using VOX, so I’d like to keep it, but having to import a 9000+ titles music collection each time when I want to listen to some music is a bit painful.

There was a similar post to this dated from April '17, but there was no real solution for the problem, except to use the LOOP cloud, which is currently not my intention when I just want to listen music at home from my NAS.

Did I do something wrong in my approach of using the VOX player togehter with my NAS?

Thanks in advance and best regards!


Hi Warner,

Thanks for your post.

VOX app should remember the way to music files on your NAS and should be able to play them if NAS is mounted again.
It could be a problem if some changes were made to the NAS and no files could be found by VOX app using previous “way” to the music files, that was previously remembered.

Some details we would need know:

Are you saving your music files using the Collections, right?
Did you try Import some files to VOX, Unmount your NAS, Mount it again and try to start a playback?


Dear Support Team,

thank you for your reply. My approach is usually the following: I mount the NAS Drive and then import the music filed (the folder containing) them via drag and drop (by using the “+” button in VOX) into the VOX client’s playlist. From there I can stream them / listen to them. Except for the streaming, the files on the NAS Drive, their tags, locations and whatsoever, remain unchanged.

When I restart the system and remount the NAS Drive (usually it is already mounted) and then open VOX, I can still see all imported music files in the playlist window of the client, but when I start streaming / playing, I start to get numerous “failed to load” errors (one per file / song). The only thing I can do then, is to remove all songs from the playlist in VOX and re-import them via Drag&Drop as done before. After some time of loading (importing), the same files appear in the playlist again, and can then be streamed / played again.

I am not sure if I already tried the “Collection” Tab. Do I understand correctly, that after importing the Files to the Playlist, I would have to add them to a “Collection”, in order to make VOX “remember” them?

To answer your detailed questions on my inquiry:

Are you saving your music files using the Collections, right?
=> no, the music files remain in the “Playlist” tab. My VOX client says “No Collections” in the collections tab.

Did you try Import some files to VOX, Unmount your NAS, Mount it again and try to start a playback?
=> Well, yes, but I restart the client in between: I mount the NAS, import the music folder (“Playlist” tab), stream them. Then I shut down / restart the machine (which probably unmounts the NAS), remount it (if not already mounted at startup), start VOX and receive the “failed to load” errors.

My expectation is that I should be able to play / stream the music when the NAS is mounted (even after restart) from the VOX client, without having to clear and re-import. If something is wrong in my approach, please let me know.

Again, thanks for your response and best regards!


Dear Vox Support,

after checking / retrying a couple of times, I made the following two observations:

  1. VOX client does not remember playlists or collections after restarting the device or application, even when the NAS is mounted. When trying to play songs from previous playlist / collection, numerous error messages appear. Current solution is to remove the playlist / collection and re-import all songs via drag & drop of the corresponding NAS folder. Although I like the improved sound and UI of the VOX application, I find this approach not very usable.

  2. Even when trying to import the complete music library from the NAS (drag & drop of the corresponding NAS folder into the VOX app), only some ~2600 out of approx. 9000 music files are being imported. Not sure where this limitation comes from, but as I like to shuffle through my complete collection, this is limiting my user experience.

If I am doing anything wrong or there is any advice how to improve my user experience with playing music from my NAS, please let me know. Thank you!