Difference in File Size?


Please see post made on another section of the forum - File Size difference?

Can someone please explain why there is a difference in file size on tracks uploaded via VOX and actual file size? What is the reason for this? I assume VOX is not compressing files?

This is not exclusive to the VOX uploader app but also VOX for MAC (and I guess just VOX in general)

For example. ‘Pull Up’ as you can see is 24.5mb according to VOX uploader.


As you can see actual file size is 25.7mb!

There may be a simple reason for this so if someone could please explain that would be great.

Thank you



I can’t say for sure, but it can look like the difference between MB and MiB - that is whether 1 megabyte is 1000 or 1024 kilobytes. For the You Know track, it’s reported in VOX as 25.22, assuming that’s MiB (a factor 1024 between bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, etc.) then that is 25.22 MiB = 1024/1000 * 1024/1000 * 25.22 MB = 26.44 MB. For Step Back the calculation comes out as 23.93 MiB = 25.09 MB.