Dedicated iPad or AppleTV app?


Is there ever going to be a dedicated iPad app or TV app. I figured this would have been a given at this point but the iPhone version on the iPad is extremely annoying. Especially when you have a landscape app open and then you go back to another app. Please make these. Not only would it help your sales, the rest of us would thank you 1000x over.



Sure, we are considering making a stand-alone version for iPad with a landscape and Slide Over mods! It would be really great!

Unfortunately, there is no exclusive iPad version of VOX Music Player at the moment.

Officially supported are iOS and macOS versions of VOX. Following the user requests, we`ve made it work on iPad too! Essentially it needs to be reworked and upgraded.

AppleTV app is also on our TO-DO list.

I will collect your request and we may consider meeting all requested in the future version of VOX Music app, as soon as, we finish with the basic usability.

Stay tuned!


Huge thumbs up for the future Apple TV App!
It would be game changing for many Apple users and a reason to choose VOX subscription among alternatives.