Create collections from folders (drag & drop)


Hey guys, just a quick question. I started using VOX today, so far I like the app.

As I understand, you have Playlist and Collections. Is it possible to drag & drop folders to Collections tab, and VOX will automatically create a Collection (with collection name being name of the folder)?

I have a lot of albums in folders, and I don’t want to manually create a collection, name it, open, and then drag & drop music files there. Just imagine doing that for 300 albums… :smiley:

I just want to select multiple folders with music files, drag them to the app, the app will create collections based on folder name, and I can start listening to music, which will be organised.

Thanks for the info.


Thanks for your post!

We already have this feature implemented in the VOX Uploader app. You can simply drag&drop your music folder to VOX app and will be able to auto-create a Synced Collection in VOX Cloud for all music files stored in your music folder.


Inspecting my FLAC files, I see the name of the album is there in the file properties. I only use one local player, so there is no need to upload anything needlessly to the cloud. Would it be possible for VOX to read this album information and create a playlist or an album?