Create a Metadata Editor


It would be helpful to have a tag editor to change metadata (artwork, etc.).


Hi 8BitKid,
thanks for your suggestion, we'll consider it for further updates!

Stay tuned!


+1 for this suggestion. This might be the only thing preventing me to switch to VOX.


Guys, thanks a lot for yours suggestion!
It'll will be considered for further updates!


second this






almost 2 years, still no metadata editor...


Lol it’s now 4 years!!!


Yes… it will be great…maybe one day


Are you still awake?


This functionality is going to be introduced in the ReVOX (beta), which is going to become available during the Closed Beta Testing sessions.
We plan to start them right after the reliable built will be released and tested internally.

If you would like to participate, don`t hesitate to reach to our support desk directly, to know more details and get an access to CBT session: