Cover in "Artist view"


iOS Vox player uses cover images from for show the artists images I don’t know why but since few days ago only appears one white star of all artist.

I try with clear image cache but I get the same image for all artist

It’s a vox player error?


I’m getting the same thing on random artists. It used to be mostly complete, but now, after I refreshed my library there are many missing art.


Actually I’m get only the artist images with profile image on Deezer platform, I’m assume that Vox uses for primary source. Fallback source is and they made API changes last week.

I don’t know is now is a limitation of API, It’s the copyright law or Vox player needs to be updated to the new API

Some response @VOX_Support_Team ?


Hi Everyone!

The thing is, that VOX app is using public sources to import Artist artworks and display them in Artist View, as there is no exact way to embed an Artist Artwork to your music files.
Music files you have imported cant be used as a source for Artist Artwork in Artist view. :expressionless: and their base of Artist Artworks, collected by community of (and some of VOX members, as a part of the mentioned community), unfortunately, has been “closed forever” or “temporarily blocked”.

Now, we need to look for new, alternative sources to use them to populate the Artists view with proper artworks, which will be done, tested and introduced in the next versions of VOX app.

Also, we are looking forward to introducing new features, that will provide our users with the ability to import their own Artist artworks or Album artworks!

Stay tuned.


Really looking forward to the ability to allow users to control/embed the artist artwork.
Just wanted to add my support of this feature as soon as it becomes available!