Continuous playback?


Anyone on iOS having playback issues since the last update?

Specifically, songs repeating in the queue or automatically pausing when a new song comes up. I’m having to manually swipe my way through albums and it’s driving me nuts.


Yes I am definitely getting songs repeating in the queue also.


Thanks for reporting!

Can you describe it in some more detail?

Some steps to reproduce and actual behavior vs expected behaviors would be great!


When playing on iOS, songs repeat instead of progressing down an album queue. I’m running the latest iOS and VOX versions and it most often happens when VOX is playing in the background (and i’m working on/reading another app) or when the screen is sleeping/off.

If I leave the VOX player on screen (screen awake), it doesn’t happen quite as often. It also happens after clearing cache and restarting VOX so i haven’t found solution yet.