Context Deadline Exceeded


Keep getting this “Context Deadline Exceeded” error in the Universal player. Plays for a few seconds then dies and I have to force quit.



Thanks for reporting.

Have you tried to re-login to your VOX Account in the VOX Universal app?
Does it happens using any track stored in the VOX Cloud or only with particular ones?

We would need to collect some details to get it resolved.

Please reach our tech. support desk and send them the log file, our attach it to your next post here.


Thanks for the response. I’m trying Universal again today and it’s not doing it. if It starts up again, I’ll file a ticket. Thanks!


I am getting the same error with the VOX universal beta – a red bar at the top that says. “context deadline exceeded.” The program then has to be force quitted. How might I post a log file?


If you have faced this behaviour, please don`t hesitate to ticket your logs to


Just installed the new 8.1.9 and got the same error after a few seconds of playback.