Compliance for operation systems other than MacOS and iOS?


I’m going for Vox Premium, but I have a question. Can I use Vox Music Cloud on a Windows/Linux/ChromeOS laptop or Android mobile?
I like this app and cloud storage (which can save me from messed up folders). As a programmer, I understand compliance and integration on different platforms is a time-consuming also a hard job. So currently, is there a web player or music streaming or other solutions which can make me access to the uploaded files in the cloud storage? I want a coherent experience when I switch from iOS/Mac to other device.



Thanks for reaching out!

We are really determined and working on a multiplatform app to make it possible. Hope we will take an opportunity to share our progress with you very soon!


I would really like to hear some news on this. In another thread you mentioned going into beta with the PC version in October. I have asked about it directly to support but thought I would ask publicly as well, as I’m sure there are other people waiting for you to release a PC version before they sign up and start sending you money.

I hope you have some news for us soon. Thanks.



We will be glad to share all the progress, as soon as it will possible! Once we will have a stable version - it will be shared with the community with no delay.

Be sure!


Hi, can I ask just where you intend to share your progress once you have a stable/have reached some other progress milestone and are willing to share these versions? your facebook page has been inactive for nearly half a year and company blog page for a year now and it leaves me wondering where (if) you post updates for the community these days :confused:



We are collecting multiple user requests for Beta-testing participation via our support desk. You can reach our and we will make sure you will be added you to the list.

Also, we might consider sharing the link, here, on the community forum.