Command line control interface


Hey there!

I know you guys have (limited) AppleScript support for Vox, but it would be really awesome to be able to control playback and the playlist from the command line through the use of flags or maybe a helper program to add songs, remove songs, clear the playlist, pause, play, volume up for those of us who start playback from our terminals.

Right now, the AppleScript will only allow for adding songs, pause, play; its a very limited interface. And adding songs via open -a '' song.ogg plays the file - appending to the current playlist - and then once completed will play the rest of the list (if shuffled).

Ideally something like

Basic interactions:
$ /Applications/ add song.ogg

Or add to path and then…
$ voxctl add -clearplaylist song.ogg [songs.ogg . . . ]
$ voxctl remove song.ogg - (remove song from playlist)
$ voxctl pause
$ voxctl play
$ voxctl vol[ume] <0-100%>
$ voxctl repeat [on|off]
$ voxctl shuffle [on|off]

Nice to haves:
$ voxctl # spit out current playing?
$ voxctl playlist # spit out current playlist?

Are there any plans to establish a more featured interface to do this?




Hey guys,

Thanks for reaching out!

We will definitely think about this feature.


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Hey Vox_Support_Team

Where did this end up?


Here’s a business suggestion: Think more about it, or make a public API so that some intrepid souls can make a CLI client for VOX.

I swear, you guys make a good product, but as a business y’all are idiotic on some fronts. This stuff is a no-brainer.