Collection Size and Carplay


I have a 2017 GMC Yukon and when I try to use Vox on my Iphone X with carplay and I access my collection which has 3000+ tracks in it, the app freezes and crashes and carplay becomes unusable. I have to unplug my phone and replug in to get carplay working again. If I just access the library in Vox the app usually does not crash. Has anybody else had this happen



Thanks for reporting!

Can you share some additional details about the mentioned Collection?
Is it Synced Collection or Mixed Collection? Or maybe iTunes, SoundCloud or Spotify playlist?


It a mixed collection of music in the iOS music app and Flac files saved in the VOX library. No outside sources. All music is saved locally on my phone. 9 times out of 10 if I try to navigate through CarPlay to the collection, the app will crash and I will get kicked out of the app when I try and play a song in the collection. If I play music from the library it usually will play and not crash. The collection crashes almost every time. I hope that each update in iOS or vox will solve this issue but it never does and the issue remains. Very frustrating.