Cloud vs Collections + duplicates



  1. When I add files directly to collection – they did not appear in Cloud library – it is proper behaviour?
  2. When I add same song 2 times from Cloud to collection it’s duplicates there – it it also have to be like this?
  3. When I add same folder to collection 2 times it’s also add all songs twice =(

Latest 3.3.17 on 10.14.6 Mojave


Small correction about #3 – when I add song fro some folder to collection and then add the whole folder containing same song – it’s duplicates =(


  • when I rename file and add to collection it creates 3 duplicate, perfect! =)


Yes, that is desirable behavior, VOX may Collections contain duplicates, unlike VOX Library. This option has been often requested by our users and has been added a long time ago.

If you would like to remove duplicates, just select those and remove them using Delete.

We are also considering making an option to remove all duplicated tracks with the same Track Name + Artist from the Collection.
It would be a special button or a Collection setting.

But we are still not sure how exactly it should work with various music tracks in the Collection, that are actually different while having an identical Name + Artist, for example, Live recording, a bootleg recording Tracks, etc.

If you or anyone else who is looking for such functionality to be introduced have some ideas on that, we are always here to collect them and use for development purposes!


“If you would like to remove duplicates, just select those and remove them using Delete.”
This could be a way out of the situation if there were sorting option. Just think about collection with 1000 items that have to be manually checked for dups =)

About track ID I thought you have some algorithm for it, like hash with unique combination from main tags + some bites from file (to not hash all files) gives up perfect way to deal with any dupes anywhere…

I like your app from the first look, but it’s very raw yet, hope you can add more functions soon =)

So it would b nice to have:
Sorting in Collection and generally all fields that you have in main db.
Button in collection “Add all tracks to main DB”.
Setting “Keep my collections clear of dups” to do this automatically.
Genres – at least as column in tracks list.
And much more other functionality that probably requested already 100 times…

Any forecasts when we see some updates on the app?

Having 20+ years experience on projects like this it would be nice to have a more close conversation with your developers to share some ideas if I would know more about architecture of the project & data =)))

Thank you for reply!


And to not make a new topic – some tracks also missing from 9 from 10 albums uploaded =(

Trying upload with app & uploader, trying to rename folder & files – still have some missing:


Clear my library, uninstall VOX and delete all system files, recode all mp3 with XLD (to check all files are not broken) and rename dir and files, rewrite all tags with META (get rid of any not latin letters in tags), upload again and this is result:

Disappointed =(


Agent says it’s 74 files:


Hope you have an idea how to fix this?


After coupe of hours of trying I fix it – looks like renaming of a track title in tags finally helps.
This problem appears on albums which I upload not completely first time, after that some tracks not fully uploaded exists somehow on server but does not sync with app.


Looks like you have a MetaTag problem now
I have had none of the issues you are presenting here…I did have some issues with incorrect Albums showing and splitting up of albums, similar to what Itunes has done. I fixed this by editing everything with META before uploading