Cloud Synchronization Error


I just purchased and installed the Vox app for IOS. The app is working but I am getting a recurrent error message (see attached screenshot):
VOX Cloud Synchronization Error
Request failed: bad gateway
(502) / (null)

In the library settings I have VOX Music Cloud turned off, am not connected to Spotify Premium, have iTunes turned on, and File Sharing Items turned off.


I also bought Vox a few days ago, and subscribed to Vox Cloud.
On my phone I can see some of the music I uploade to Vox Cloud, but not all of it, and have been getting the same error message as above for the last couple of days (Synchronization error, bad gateway).

Can't say I'm impressed so far.


Can't speak for the person who opened this thread, but for my part the issue no longer occurs and I can now see all the files I've uploaded to Vox Cloud.


I'm not longer having the issue. Used it last night with no error messages.


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