Cloud Import Keeps stalling out?


My cloud import keeps stalling out inexplicably - it just keeps stopping - when only partially through? Are we having service issues today?



No, it seems that we should not! Please explain what exactly are you talking about? What OS X and VOX versions are you refering to?


I downloaded Vox yesterday - so I assume the latest build of that.

OSX 10.13.6 (17G65) High Sierra

I’m experiencing all manner of weird cacheing issues on my ‘Collections’ - things appearing and disappearing without explanation?

This is as frustrating as using iTunes at the moment?


This particular collection was up to 118 tracks, now it’s just displaying 101 ???

Is there are a clear cache function on the playlists / collections?

This is beyond frustrating to be honest.


Looks like I’m having to rebuild that part of the collection.

I have little or no confidence in you at them moment? Please can you let me know what on earth is going on - and what could be causing this.

Your system is proving to be so flawed at the moment, I’m starting to loose faith in you guys.


Is this something to do with ‘Synced’ collection - to I need to uncheck that when I’m building the collection?


There seems to be no way to toggle Synced Collection setting off?


I am starting to get beyond annoyed now - Collection normalised at 112 tracks, but has since diminished to 101? In a matter of seconds?

What on earth is wrong with your software???


I cannot express how awful your Collection system is???

I now have lots of duplicates in there.

You guys seem to come across as somewhat amateurish?

I’m considering whether you are in fact in breach of terms at the moment.


You’ve wasted hours of my time now - I am so disappointed with this abjectly poor service you provide. The truth will out!


If I don’t get satisfaction within 24 hours - I’m starting a class action against you.


Collection has jumped down from circa 120 tracks to 101 ??? WTF is wrong with you guys???


So Viktor contacted me, but not had anything constructive out of him yet.

There seem to be a number of system errors occurring in this last 24 hour period - and there really needs to be some sort of Cloud Status function, as the Cloud Upload / Sync seems to be down at the moment.

If there is maintenance going on we should be told.

I generally feel also that there is a major issue with latency / lag and file / media cacheing

I think all of this needs a little more transparency.


Cloud Upload Service has been abysmal for the last 24 hours - this is a very unreliable service right at this moment - and no honesty or transparency in publishing outages or admitting to problems??

Where’s your professional pride?


I also struggle with this. I am currently ripping a lot of CD’s and in my Vox Cloud, most albums only contains one song and the rest is not uploaded. I have tried to remove the folder for cloud sync, and adding it again, but still no success. Very frustrating as I have no overview on what has been uploaded and what has not.