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I've been using VOX for years and despite its updates I'm still unable to use it properly with an external CD player. It tries to load a track, wich can last for a while, then reproduces just a second, hangs again, reproduces one more second, hangs again, and then reproduces it properly. Really annoying. Also, it does this with every track, so if I want to listen to a whole CD, I'll get this behaviour on any of them.
Checked my USB CD player with other audio software, incluiding my hatred iTunes, and everything is ok.
Mac Mini core i5, mid 2011; OS Sierra (although the problem was the same when I was running el Capitan).
Maybe VOX is not intended for this kind of use? If it is not, I'll try to find other app.


Hello Val,
Thanks for reaching out to us.
It might be some kind of buffering and slow read speed combination.Try to set this checkbox in VOX settings. In this case, whole song will be buffered (not only a few seconds).


Don't know what checkbox are you refering to. I've already tried to
play with buffering with no result.
Thanks for the response; Val

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Sorry, I forgot to attach the screenshot... Here is it.


Ah, I should have figured it out, sorry.
Yes, it solved the glitches issue! Still have the trouble of the tracks needing too much time to load, however (I suppose this solution makes this worse). But I really
appreciate your help, thanks.

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