Catalina crash when saving a big M3U playlist


Hi all,

This is more of a JSYK :slight_smile:

There seems to be a relation to the size of the list but it wasn’t happening on macos 10.13.
VOX stops responding after clicking Save on large playlists lists, relative paths ticked or not doesn’t make a difference.

XSPF saving works fine. The largest successful save (I keep saving when making changes to my library and its .m3u for compatibility with another software) I managed to make was 10431 lines (file lines, not songs as I notice VOX adds some metadata as well as comments)



What ? Why did you post this? I have no idea what you are talking about and obviously no one else does as you have had no replies until now.


Thanks for your post

What VOX version are you referring to?

Did you try to Save Playlists as .m3u or .xspf, when you start to experience this issue?
How many tracks are there in your Playlist?

I will set a QA team to check this!