CarPlay does not work


CarPlay usb connect and Bluetooth connect - does not work . Error on screen : can’t connect. iPhone 11, iOS 15 , VOX music player ver 2.6.3

Before iOS update there was no problems


I have exactly the same issue after upgrading to IOS 15.
Other apps still work, but Vox results in a cannot connect message on Carplay.


Thanks for your posts!

Our is already on it, looking forward to getting it fixed. In meantime, you may use the iOS device to control the playback.


Since updated to iOS 15 my device plays the music does not come up on the screen when phone in sleep mode so I can’t easily pause etc. same happens on car play, does not come up ok central console but still comes out the speakers lol


Hey… it’s prohibited to touch the phone while you are driving.
Same problem here.
No Vox, no service, no music, no happy.


Any progress on resolving Car Play to work with IOS 15?


Our dev. team is going to include the fix in the upcoming update. Looking forward to getting it released next week.


Thank You!


Do you have ETA for the upcoming updates?


Yes when is the update happening?


Any news on the update?