Carplay Cuts Out Every Few Seconds


Am I doing something wrong? I’ve uploaded my library, latest MacOs latest iOS on a iPhone 11 Max Pro. Carplay in the mornings (before 6AM) works flawlessly but on the afternoon drive home it almost never works…cutting out every few seconds. Same phone, same car, same stereo only difference is the time of day. Is there something I can do to try and get it to work properly? I’ve been a premium subscriber since October but won’t re-up if they can’t get this sorted out.


Thanks for your post!

Do you use only VOX Cloud as a music source for streaming your music, right?
Have you tried to download some music files from VOX Cloud locally on your device, and try to use them for local playback?

May I also ask you to measure your LTE speed before 6 AM and in the afternoon. Probably your Internet Service Provider is experiencing a telecom network overload and speed may drop significantly in such a case.

Looking forward to your results.