Can't Create Albums With Meta Tags


I am villing to use this app and even pay monthly but I am having an issue here.

I use the flac tag editor you suggested which is kid3 but lo luck. Basically, I have organised all my FLAC files and put them in different folders (like different playlists). Each folder is a playlist. Then I removed unwanted tags from each file and only leave the artwork, title and the album names (album names are basically playlist name). This way I was hoping to see each album seperately in VOX app (like Deep House Music, Chill Out Music, 80’s Pop).

But the app always shows me seperate albums by artist name (like: Deep House Music - Artist X, Deep House Music - Artist Y, Deep House Music - Artist Z).

I even went through deleted all artist tags but no luck :frowning:

Could someone please help me? Why can’t we just create playlists and then put them into the app :frowning: I have about 5000 flac files, some of them are hi-res audio.

Or bring back the Folder View PLSSSS!!!


Hi there!

Could you please share some screenshot of VOX app with the albums we are speacking about to make it obviouse. Also, a screenshot of Kid3 with tag inputs to compare with what we see in VOX app.