Can't add "Watch Folder" on MacOS Catalina


On my computer at work, running Mojave, I’m able to add a watch folder.
On computer #1 at home, running High Sierra, I’m able to add a watch folder.
On a new computer #2 at home, running Catalina, I’m NOT able to add a watch folder. The installation on this new computer is obviously brand new and clean as the Operating system was a clean install with NO prior installations of Vox.

Hope this gets fixed soon as I suspect it’s probably an issue with the newest Mac OS.



Thanks for reporting.

Seems like we’ve already located the issue, hopefully, it will be fixed in the upcoming version of the VOX app for macOS.

Please stand by!


Looking forward to it.


Updated to version 3.3.14 (Build 3395.4) and have verified that I can now add a watch folder without issue.