Cannot subscribe to Premium



Been using Vox for a while and decided to use it on my iPhone and iPad as well, so needed to sign up for Vox Cloud. Whatever I try on my Mac, nothing works. I either get the “Restore Purchases” wheel endlessly spinning (even though I haven’t clicked on Restore Purchases) or I get an “In-app purchase not supported” dialog box. What next please?



Thanks for your post!

Only Mac is affected by that problem? Does it work properly on iPhone and iPad?

Have you managed to Sign In to the VOX app on your Mac?



I have now was able to sign in on my iPad but not on my Mac.

Interestingly, for the last few hours, Vox Cloud has been unavailable on my Mac but works fine on my iPhone and iPad.



Thanks for your post.

Did you try to re-boot the Loop app and\or re-login to VOX app?

You can reboot the Loop app by clicking on it`s icon in the menu bar:

Choose “Quit” option in the drop-down menu.