Can we get an app for RaspberryPi?


Can we get an app for RaspberryPi? Hopefully one we can control with our iPad or iPhone?

RaspberryPi works for Roon as an end point, with an intergated DAC and analog outputs. Or with digital output connected to an external DAC.

Can we get something similar please, That way we could have our High RES music everywhere we want. and don’t have to rely on LOW RES solutions as apple TV, Sonos, etc… ?


That´s the only solution I’ve found to be able to listen to my high res files on your cloud, other than carrying my iPad around and connecting it to an external DAC like the Dragonfly RED, which i already order and I`m going to test.

Or, if not, how about ROON integration?


The external DAC using the iPad is a no go. The VOX app limits it to 48Khz. It works on Tidal and VLC. But not on VOX.

So, you either unlock the app on iPad or give us Roon or RaspberryPi support.