Can Vox be used to play a music library?


I’m confused about what Vox is for. I have a music library on a NAS; about 900 artists. Can Vox be used to play these files? If so, how do I add this directory?


Thanks for your post!

Actually, yes, you can use VOX for Playback from your NAS mounted as a drive in macOS your system. You can simply Drag&Drop your music to VOX app and start a playback!

Also, in case you use Music app (former iTunes) to manage your music library stored on NAS, you can sync your iTunes library to VOX and it will be displayed in VOX app > iTunes tab.

However, we would also suggest to upload your music library to VOX Cloud, as it is the most reliable way of sharing your music between your Apple devices!


I listen primarily to downloaded, not streaming, music, which I have saved to my external hard drive. Before upgrading from Sierra to Catalina I want to make sure I can still use the playlists I’ve carefully made that combine podcasts with music folders (since Apple has divorced podcasts from music!). I’m on the hunt for a Mac app that will download specific podcasts to that external hard drive.

Once I find it, will I be able to import the old playlists combining files from different folders into playlists together? As well as create new playlists?

Then, while listening to these tracks, will I be able to select on the fly to add to other playlists?