Can I rip directly to VOX Cloud, sync back down selectively to iTunes?


Here’s the deal. My computer may not have all the space for my entire collection. But I am re-ripping everything in Lossless format. Can I rip in iTunes and directly place everything into VOX Cloud, and then selectively sync/cache down selected playlists to my various devices?

When you manage a remote computer in iTunes it’s limited with regards to creating playlists and such, which has been a royal pain. Essentially I want all the data and playlists to be maintained in the cloud, and then be able to select an entire playlist or albums down for offline travel.

And be able to create new playlists using some interface, iTunes, VOX Player or what have you, and have that sync to iTunes, iPhone, etc.




Thanks for your post.

You definitely can do that! All you need is to upload all the ripped music files to VOX Cloud.

After that, you can use a VOX app to create custom Playlists and download your music for offline listening from VOX Cloud, using any Apple device authorized with your VOX account.