Bugs at computer launch


Dear Vox,

I’ve updated to macOS Mojave a few weeks ago and have some problems

When I hit my “play button” for the first time of the day, VOX doesn’t really play the file, but doesn’t ignore the command either — if I hit cmd+L he will indeed show me the track “not playing” with the little orange icon, but no sound, nor informations of the file displayed in the player window

now, if I hit “enter” again on that “not playing track” (selected by my cmd+L), it will then play, with the sound and the informations displayed

this happens every time I launch my computer

additionnal informations : the sound of my computer is set on a pair of USB speakers, and VOX is running when i’m shutting of my computer the day before

thank you very much



What are your current OS and VOX versions?

Did you try to re-install VOX app? Is it a 1st time you’ve faced such an issue or does it happen constantly\periodically?



both my OS and VOX versions are the latest

macOS 10.14.3 and VOX 3.3.7

it happens at every VOX fresh start (after turning on my computer)