Browser upload works, but VOX Cloud empty?!


I just startet with VOX Premium.
Uploading from the VOX App (Mac OS Sierra) adding folders with music seems not to work: “Scanning” for hours without results (drag ‘n’ drop and through adding files).
Now I started to upload on my VOX account, which seems to work (according to the progress bar). But on the account status are still 0 artists, 0 albums and 0 tracks?!

What went wrong?

Thanks for help.


Just tryed with VOX Uploader - same result: shows it in the Uploader window to be ready for upload incl. progress bar, but nothing happens…


Thanks for your post!

As far as we can see you have 134 tracks uploaded to your personal VOX Cloud storage, can you please check and confirm that everything is working properly at the moment?

Are you able to access your music using VOX app for iOS or macOS?


As I see in VOX app for iOS it seems, that the upload by “upload music” within the browser worked, the titles are in the library.
But the VOX Cloud in VOX for MacOs is still empty…
And the settings of some Watch folders in the preferences haven’t had any effect…


Have you already tried to re-boot the VOX app and Loop app?

Find Vox Cloud icon in the menu bar:

Choose “Quit” option in the drop-down menu:

Also, please try to re-login to VOX app with your personal VOX Account.

VOX > Preferences (⌘+,) > Account > Sign Out and Sign In again.

If no use, please try to do the following:

Close VOX and Open terminal

Paste commands:

launchctl remove com.coppertino.VOXCloud

Press enter.

/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

Press enter.

Start VOX, go to VOX> Preferences> Account and perform a re-login action


Thanks, so far it works: files I uploaded by browser are now in the VOX Cloud.

Now I added again a Watch Folder with subfolders (albums) containing files, other subfolders containing more folders with the files. It’s all on a NAS, different formats (mostly mp3, some FLACs) and different quality concerning the metainformations… it started well with one album quite quickly, but then it remains scanning…


…still no more uploads…how that watch folder works - or should work?