Bluetooth output sounds terrible


When I listen to music on VOX using my bluetooth headphones, the sound gets very crackly. I don't experience this issue while listening to other things (youtube, games, etc).


Harvey, thank You for getting in touch with us.
Does Vox sound normally when listening through built-in soundcard and loudspeakers (not Bluetooth)?


Yeah, Vox sounds normal with speakers and wired headphones (bluetooth headphones can be plugged in and it sounds fine like that).


Please try to increase playback buffer (Vox- Preferences- Audio- Advanced - Buffer, up to 3000-5000 ms. Will this help solve the issue?


It didn't make a difference, Vox still sounds crackly with bluetooth when I changed that setting.


did You try to re-start a track after changing setting?


Ok, I've tried that, but I get the same results.


Oh, that's very strange... Which type are these headphones?


These are the Philips SHB7250.


I have the same problem on MacOS with Sony Wireless Stereo Headset. Sound gets cracking after a few seconds. When I activate the player or click any control button in menu line it gets ok but starts to crack again after a few seconds. With wire, it works ok.



Does it work fine with other media players?

Did you try to pair\unpair the BS device with your Mac or simply reboot BS device? .


Hi… mine is the same if I don’t disable the “hands free” function of the headphones. You can go into devices/printers… find your headphones and go into the “properties”, then “services” and uncheck the “handsfree telephony” feature. See if this fixes it for you… after doing this I was good to go, but obviously you could have some other problem.


My device works ok with iTunes. I have not to pair/unpair it because it Sony Headset has own usb adapter. I tried reboot as well and still nothing (


My suggestion, above, is for the PC… did you try that?


Sorry, I didn’t understand what the settings you are talking about. I didn’t find it. I bought a headphone wire :slight_smile: