Better than Audirvana and Apple Music. Is Premium SSR BitPerfect?


I love the player. IMO it has better timbre reproduction than Audirvana (tested with the Chord Dave DAC).
I am about to purchase the Premium option.
Question: does the SSR (sync sample rate) make it the BitPerfect player?


I’ll tell you one thing when you add your on music be careful because It does this error where your download can be stuck and it won’t let you do anything sign out go to albums play music nothing


Not saying you shouldn’t get it by any means great app with tons of potential but until they fix that issue i’d wait just me though because mines right now is stuck on 15 files uploading for 2 days now i’ve even told them here with no response so yeah just be catious


I use the classic Vox Mac Player. Playing from local disk. No issues with uploads/downloads because of it.
The sound quality is great.