Best audio codec for iOS Vox on beatsX


I am a new user of Vox. I gave up Plex recently as they messed up their iOS music player at least for 2 years and I can’t stand it anymore.

Put long story short, when I rip CD to my music library, I usually keep 3 different format at least.

  1. AIFF ( for my mac Audirvana Plus Library)
  2. Uncompressed FLAC( for my Plex library to chromecast audio device)
  3. ALAC( for iOS device)

I know Vox iOS player support all above formats. I just wonder which format file I should I use to get the best listening experience.

For my iOS Vox player (iPhone and iPad), I will mainly use Apple beatsX (bluetooth) or Airplay to Airport Express/Apple TV 4K.

I know I can’t get too good experience if I use bluetooth earphones.

During googling this topic, I come up a strange idea. Should I just use aac instead of the above 3 formats ? Because the iOS bluetooth codec is aac only. Any other format will transcode to aac to the bluetooth earphone.

Any comments or suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you very much


You phone will transcode it to AAC to stream to your beatsX since that is the native codec on the device. You may notice a tad bit better sounding than Apple Music, but thats about it. You will not get the full playback over the beatsX because bluetooth can not transfer lossless audio. I have 1TB of FLAC myself, and the only time I can get true lossless playback is with AirPlay. This isn’t a Vox issues, where as more of a Bluetooth limitation