Best audio codec for iOS Vox on beatsX


I am a new user of Vox. I gave up Plex recently as they messed up their iOS music player at least for 2 years and I can’t stand it anymore.

Put long story short, when I rip CD to my music library, I usually keep 3 different format at least.

  1. AIFF ( for my mac Audirvana Plus Library)
  2. Uncompressed FLAC( for my Plex library to chromecast audio device)
  3. ALAC( for iOS device)

I know Vox iOS player support all above formats. I just wonder which format file I should I use to get the best listening experience.

For my iOS Vox player (iPhone and iPad), I will mainly use Apple beatsX (bluetooth) or Airplay to Airport Express/Apple TV 4K.

I know I can’t get too good experience if I use bluetooth earphones.

During googling this topic, I come up a strange idea. Should I just use aac instead of the above 3 formats ? Because the iOS bluetooth codec is aac only. Any other format will transcode to aac to the bluetooth earphone.

Any comments or suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you very much