Battery usage and temperature


Hey guys, i like how your app enhances even mp3s, but seriously-the battery usage is just ridiculous! 20percent down while 20mins on bus?? Also phone temperature rises after running app, even without playing anything (perhaps library scan) and within few minutes is quite high. These two issues basically makes player useless for listening on the go, without having powerful powerbank in a backpack.


Pavel, are You having the latest version? Also, how many albums You have in Your Library and which source are they mort of all?



thank you for your prompt answer. most of my library is just resynced Spotify library, so most of my music on the go is streamed. Which of course might affect battery too, but i've never experienced such a usage and phone temperatures while listening Spotify itself. I understand your app might need more processing power for "upscaling" mp3, but it's way too much. I bought the app yesterday from Apple Store so i assume it's the latest version.

The same is happening even if i listen to those few (3) albums i have in my iTunes library, which are hq mp3s 320kbps cbr.

Again, i really like the sound of your player. the difference is quite noticable even with lower budget headphones. My new Shure earphones are on the way and i cant wait to try them with your player. There is a big potencial in your app here.

regards, Pavel


Pavel, thank You for reply and sorry for delay.

Yes, playing from Spotify means using more energy since the network connection is engaged most of the time. However, 20% in 20 minutes, I believe, is still too much... Are You on latest version? (v 2.1.8) . Because in latest version there is a solution that radically improves battery life.

Thank You for kind words and of course we will continue perfecting the app and will fine-tune the performance vs. heating problem.


Hi there!

I recently installed VOX on iPhone 11 pro, and I’m having the exact same problem as described above : very fast battery drain and overheating device.

This happens even if I don’t play anything and regardless of WiFi or 4G connection. I have about a dozen local albums, plus I activated sync with Spotify where I have a big library, and It looks like the app syncs with Spotify every time I launch VOX (I can see that in « settings », it says « syncing » in front of Spotify library).

Moreover, not sure if this is related but the playback sometimes stops after about 30 seconds and even when i resume it stops again 30s later.

I tried uninstalling the app, restarted the device and reinstalled VOX, and all of the issues above still happen.

How can I solve this issue?

My specs are:
iPhone 11 Pro
iOS 13.3.1
VOX latest version to date


Well… in a last attempt I managed to fix the issue… here’s what I did:

  • uninstalled VOX
  • restarted the iPhone
  • reinstalled VOX, logged into Spotify and let the app sync

The only difference vs befor is that I didn’t log into my account, maybe that was the issue who knows?


I spoke too soon, unfortunately the battery drain issue is still there :frowning: and it seems to come from the Spotify sync. Here’s what I did:

Launched VOX and played a song stored locally on the device. From there I looked at the battery percentage every few minutes, here they are with the time stamps :

18:35 => 29%
18:40 => 24%
18:41 => 23%
That’s a 6% drop in 6min…

So at that point I disconnected from Spotify and continued the playback, still on the same local song:
18:45 => 23%
18:48 => 23%
18:53 => 22%
Battery dropped only 1% in 8min

Conclusion: With Spotify connected: battery drains at the rate of 1% per minute (meaning you lose 10% in 10min, it’s just too much)

This means with such a battery drain I can’t use Spotify through VOX, which means I probably won’t be using VOX at all, unless there is a solution for this?


Any chance the Vox team can look into this?


Thanks for your post!

We will check the Spotify sync functionally using our test devices.

Do you have “Battery save mode” on, when you spot an energy leak?
How many apps do you have running, besides VOX?

May I ask you how many tracks are there in your library, that should be synced to VOX?
How may playlists do you have? How many tracks are there in your playlist?

We need to know, how may files should we try to sync to reproduce this happening in our conditions.

Can you please do the following:

  • Charge your device to have 80% or more.
  • Make sure no other app is running in the background.
  • Start VOX and start playing your Spotify tracks.

If the energy leak still persists, please let us know.



I’ve got the same problem on my iPhone SE. Every time I open the app, I’d see the " - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - " indicator above the playlist in " Library View ", then the phone heats up, battery life starts running out quick and the app crashes.

This happens whether or not I’m on wifi, cellular data, on airplane mode and signed in/out of everything. I have a small library of Flac files and already disabled access to the iTunes library.

Seems like the app is trying to go through the Library, or scan for album art or something that causes it to crash and heat up the phone…

Strange thing is the app does not crash if I keep the phone awake and the " - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - " indicator above the playlist in " Library View " disappears after 5 mins and after taking up around 20-30 % of the battery and heating up the phone.

“If the energy leak still persists, please let us know.” It does, alot, very much still there.


I found this is not solely a spotify issue. My iPhone SE battery is drained quickly even while listening to my own collection on the go from Vox cloud. I am getting some 50% decrease in just maybe half an hour. Running latest Vox version here.