Automatic sync issue MacOS Version 3.3.14 (build 3395.1)


Automatic upload from my watch folder to VOX cloud was working fine about 2 weeks ago. Currently, it works fine when adding new albums for artists already existing in my watch folder but when adding an a new album from an artist not currently in the watch folder automatic syncing does work. Any suggestions to remedy this? Thanks.


Thanks for reporting!

Passed to the dev. team, hopefully, they will be able to reproduce this misbehavior in our conditions.

I will keep you posted.


Some updates. Is it possible that there is conflict between auto syncing and installation of the VOX uploader? Further, I can no longer select the watch folder (VOX, preferences, VOX Cloud (version 0.14.27). When booting up my MacPro (5,1 version 10.13.6) an Electron dialogue box opens stating " To run a local app, execute the following on the command line: Users/macpro51/.voxuploader/vendor/electron-darwin-amd64/VOX Uploader path-to-app

What is this and if executed will it sort out the auto sync issue?


Autosync to the watch folder has suddenly started to work again. I suspect the developers tweaked something.


Thanks for your post! We glad to know that all is fine now. Enjoy your music!