Audio Units Support


From version 2.2.11 on, VOX again supports Audio Units effects. In VOX, Audio Units setup window can be opened using Command+Option+4 keystroke.

Audio Units is an Apple technology for creating audio effects. AU’s are usually distributed in form of plugins and their primary goal is to be used in semi-professional and professional audio editing and music production software.

There are 10+ different types of AU’s of which Vox supports these:

  • Effects
  • Music effects

On the other hand, Vox is not compatible with these types of effects:

  • Format converters
  • Mixers
  • Panners
  • Music devices
  • Outputs
  • MIDI processors
  • Generators
  • Offline effects

Because of variety of Audio Units available, and nature of VOX app which is intended to play music only, VOX supports just those types that are appropriate for music playback.

Another requirement is unit has to be built for 64-bit architecture (as VOX itself), plus AU must support channel configuration of at least as many inputs and outputs as output device has.

Additionally, when using third-party Audio Units, it may be required to lower system security setting in order for unit to operate, in that case Vox will alert You about need for Your confirmation to procedure.

Please also beware that some AU’s out there are poorly designed and may cause high CPU usage and unwanted distortion in sound. So use these with caution.

Currently, Audio Units only process Left and Right channels, to achieve better compatibility with third-party Audio Units available.
However, this may change in future.