Artworks empty. STILL!


Seems the artwork issue has returned. Anyone else having issues? For the last three days I get the same old familiar error about artwork not being uploaded. So much for the fix…


I get no artwork when I add a music file to Vox. Was going to go premium but not if i can’t get artwork. I used kid3 and tried everything on these forums but still no artwork. I’ve written Vox twice now and no reply. Not going to pay for premium if I can’t get artwork on my Mac desktop. Kinda bummed…


Yup, same issue has returned. No artwork on iOs app.


…aaand now it’s back! Maybe this will work for others - delete app from phone, reinstall on phone; sync with iTunes…artwork returned.


Please don’t throw things at me - but I have no problems with my artwork appearing. Here’s why.

I format my FLAC files using XLD on my MacBook Pro. If I do not have the “album’s” artwork already, I look up the given “album” in Wikipedia (if it is Rock and Roll, R&B, Alternative Rock, Art Rock, a Soundtrack recording, punk, jazz, etc), or I Google the album if it is Classical, or cannot be easily found in Wikipedia. The album cover can be found somewhere, and when I find it, I download it to my desktop, give it a name, and add it to the XLD breakdown of the given FLAC “album” by dragging and dropping it into XLD’s description page for each FLAC song in an “album.” Then, I right-click on the artwork, and choose Save to Selection. Once an “album’s” artwork is saved to one song of an “album,” it is saved to all of the “album’s” songs.

I then store all the artwork in a file as well as in a backup of all the music I upload to Vox.
It IS a lot of fuss and bother, but I have to see what I have, and some of what I have is old, or not mainstream, or it is Classical, etc. A Step by Step guide for configuration of XLD, and how to use it can be found at hydrogenaudio wikipedia. Another site for FLAC resources is I do not use XLD for conversion, but simply to format all my music that I upload to Vox.

I have a hundred hints regarding formatting flac files. For example, on “albums” with various artists, I place the artist’s name next to the song, and place the album name, or the primary band name or Classical composer in the artist and album fields to avoid the “Various Artists” category. It is a personal thing.

By figuring out how I want my music to appear and be organized, I have learned a lot about audio formats, the music I listen to, and I’ve found great sites that help me find more FLAC formatted music. Once I learned how to encode the art into the Flac file with XLD, I was never without cover art again. I also learned how to use another piece of free software to decode Hi-Res formats into Flac formats. For me, the time spent is worth having a music collection I can see, and therefore access and enjoy.

The best thing about doing the front-end work, is that Vox provides pictures for all the artists in my collection, and under each artist, is a picture of the “albums” I have included for that artist. There are great free guides and software for FLAC files, and I have yet to not be able to find a cover for all the “albums” in the nearly 400 GB of music I have uploaded. Since I began embedding a given “album’s” artwork in my Flac Files, my music in Vox has never been without cover art.

I hope this helps!


No album covers in iOS. Please fix it!! Is frustrating


Still without album covers since friday! Is frustrating!! Please fix it ASAP



Thanks for reporting!

We are already working on it, hopefully, it will be fixed soon.


The cover appears in the new albums i upload now but doesn’t in the old ones. Please fix it


New uploads have not displayed artwork for the last 5 days!


Hi there!

We are already working on it! The new version will solve this issue.

Probably it will be released in a few days.


Thanks for the update. I too have been having issue with artwork for recent uploads not displaying. I look forward to new version.


Just tested this again (direct upload to Artwork is still missing on new uploads. Come on, this was working fine before last week, please fix ASAP!



Thanks for reporting!

Seems to me like some other kind of issue, I would suggest reaching out to our support desk directly -, so we could collect some additional information and check your files on our servers individually.


I just install the new Vox app update for iOS and it doesn’t solves the problem with the album covers that they are all empty. Please fix it!!!


I’m experiencing the exact same issue. I have been having a lot issues the past couple of days. What is happening?


Iphone 7 plus, IOS 13.2.2 Vox (last version) NO ART WORK since two days ago :sweat::fearful:
I tried to reinstall the application two times, same result!
By the way my subscription is finishing next month and I’m not renewing. This app is a crap…


Miracle! It started to work🤞


Here we are 2020 and the artwork is still an issue? WTF?


Please tell us more about the misbehavior you’ve faced with Artworks in VOX app, so we could take a closer look at it!