Artwork not showing for OPUS files


I am having an issue where no artwork is showing for .opus music files through VOX on iOS. Most of my album artwork are .jpg’s, some are .png’s, and they are all embedded in the tags.

I am able to view the artwork on other media players and tag editors, so I know they are tagged appropriately. I have even tried including the image in the folder named ‘folder.jpg’ and ‘cover.jpg’, but Vox still shows the artwork as blank.

I have tried this on 2 different iPhones (an iPhone 5 and an iPhone X). I’ve even tried resetting/restoring the iPhone and reinstalling Vox.

Here is an example OPUS file I have uploaded that shows up blank:!UAJCyaZZ!2dUvcFPSxd0MRq-sIgOZ9iUa0tdFWFdpSxJgwsv8_KA

I’ve tried importing folders as well as individual .opus files through iTunes via Filesharing. I have tried deleting the folders & files completely through iTunes and through Vox, and reuploading, but still nothing.

I have tried a few .mp3 files and the artwork shows up perfectly fine. At this point, I’m all tapped out. Is this an issue with Vox and specifically OPUS files? I have also noticed that the Vox app for Mac OS X also does not show the artwork for OPUS files.

I am using the latest version of Vox, IOS 10.3.3 on an iPhone 5, and IOS 12.1.4 on an iPhone X.



Thanks for your post and all information shared.

We will check what has gone wrong with the .opus files.

Once our QA team will manage to reproduce this happening and get to the root of the problem - we will fix this as soon as possible.


Thank you! Looking forward to the fix.

OPUS is such a fantastic lossy format. The compression to transparency ratio is unbeatable and is fast-becoming the standard in this area, so I was disappointed to see it wasn’t fully working on Vox.

Vox on an iPhone 5 is a vastly better & smoother experience than the default Apple Music app. An older phone like this is perfect to use as a dedicated music player with Vox and .opus files as you can fit a huge library in a small amount of space without compromising quality.


Hi I know a fix. If you a keep a separate.jpg album artwork in a folder of an album then it will show up perfectly. Hope it helps.


Yes, that is right. And we are looking forward to supporting embedded artworks as well.


I actually tried that and included it in my original post:

For whatever reason that doesn’t work for me. Artwork still shows up blank. Are people able to get the .opus file I uploaded here showing with artwork, using this method?