Are MQA files playable?


Can I play an MQA file with Vox for Mac? Or should it be encoded in FLAC?

Also, if I play a DSD with Vox, will it send the DAC a PCM signal or the DSD? (my DAC can decode DSD)


Okay, i see that DSD support is in the works. Though, I've hard that some aliasing artifacts can appear in the audible range, with DSD. So I'm hesitant to adopt that format.


Hello David,
Thank You for Your questions.
MQA is not supported, You should convert it to FLAC.
Currently, VOX plays DSD through PCM conversion. Native DSD support is on our roadmap for future.
Stay tuned!


Hello music lovers,

I just started Tidal Hifi streaming which offers a growing collection of MQA albums. This is the best streaming quality I ever heard and I think it will be more important in the future.
Thats why I think it would perfectly fit into VOX - especially with the iOS-app because Tidal on iOS only supports lower quality.
Please think about it!