Apple Remote + IR USB



i’ve got a MB Air Retina and a IR USB + Apple Remote (white, 1st gen).
I can manage Spotify or Keynote, for instance.
But VOX Preferences shows “Use remote control” disabled.

Why ?




Thanks for your post.

Probably the reason is that your MB model doesn`t have stock IR to make Apple Remote work with your MB.

That is why VOX Preferences can`t locate your IR USB and enable “Use remote control” .



The remote works in my MB.

If running Spotify I can Play/Stop music or change volumen.
If playing Youtube I can also use controls.
Or even I can change slides with Keynote.

But VOX Preferences does not detects the iR.

Since iR was removed from Mac computers there are very few options to get it back and works fine.

Maybe you could contact to team and they could tell how it works, maybe they could develop a driver fully compatible with VOX.

Thanks a lot !