Apple remote control not working


The remote works with iTunes, but does not work with the newest VOX version.
My remote is the oldest one.

VOXHelper’s log says:
Unknown button for cookiestring 35_34_32_23_22_4_35_34_32_23_22_18_14_4_
Unknown button for cookiestring 35_23_22_18_14_4_35_23_22_4_


It seems apple changed the key ids.
I tried all the keys on my remote and see the log. These are the ids I copied from the log. Please fix this. I use my remote very frequently. Thank you so much.

Play 35_25_23_22_4_35_25_23_22_4_
Right 35_26_23_22_4_35_26_23_22_4_
Left 35_27_23_22_4_35_27_23_22_4_
Volume Up Press 35_33_32_23_22_4_35_33_32_23_22_17_14_4_
Volume Up Release 35_23_22_17_14_4_35_23_22_4_
Volume Down Press 35_34_32_23_22_4_35_34_32_23_22_18_14_4_
Volume Down Release 35_23_22_18_14_4_35_23_22_4_


Thanks for reporting!

What VOX + macOS versions are you on?


macOS version Catalina 10.15.7 (19H2)
Vox version 3.3.17
VOX preference panel version 1.5