App keeps crashing after 1 min


Not sure what is happening. My app stops playing after a minute and shuts down???


I’ve started another thread here months ago reporting my issues with having Bluetooth connected devices or even having Bluetooth on. No amount of troubleshooting stops the app from crashing. Runnions iOS 13.5.1 and its still unusable.


Thanks for your posts!

We would need to collect more information about the conditions:

  • What are VOX + iOS versions installed?
  • A screenshot of the View Settings in Library tab, so we could see what view options do you use.

Some steps for us to reproduce the crash would be also appreciated.


Iphone X, ios 13.7, vox version 2.5.2,



I only could use the app for a few songs only, before it started crashing


Is anybody from support ever to reply here? Extremely disappointing support.


Thanks for your posts!

We believe to have this fixed in the upcoming version of the VOX app. Please use this link to get a pre-release version of the VOX app for iOS and check if it works fine on your device.


hi everyone I’ve had this issue for months and figured out the issue, at least on me end, please see this thread: iOS app constantly crashes when using Bluetooth

TLDR; don’t give Vox access to your iTunes library on ios.


I’ve run this beta version, exactly same behaviour. I sent some feedback thrower TestFlight.