Anything amiss currently?


Unable to play anything from the cloud (or even list albums) on both iOS and desktop. Connections time out. Internet connectivity is fine at my end…


Mines doing the exact same thing. Not shocking.


Same issue with mine



Thanks for your posts!

We were forced to start unplanned downtime to install an urgent update and improve the situation, technical service is running at the moment.

VOX Cloud should be back online in a couple of minutes!


Looks like we are done already! Please check if all OK now?


Nope, nothing will load. It just has a circle and then after about 5 minuets it says it timed out


Not working for me either. :frowning:

Both iOS and Mac version are not functional.

Purchased Premium on Mac - Mac Catalina still says go Premium - Problem Activating Premium in VOX app

Not working on my end


We were forced to start the downtime one more time, please stand by!


Looks like all is UP.

Please check if all OK now?


Negative. Deleted the app as well to see if that would help. Now none of my music is showing. Im on a gigabit connection as well.


Same for me. Files won’t load. “The request timed out”


Please accept our apologies for the temporary difficulties with VOX.

Currently, the service should be fully operative at the moment, but Library loading might take a bit longer than usual.

Hopefully, we will manage to finish installing updates in a few hours and VOX Cloud efficiency will be back to normal.


Still doesn’t work at all for me.


VOX servers are currently under the maintenance, and some of the problems, connected with the authorization requests and Library loading, might still occur.

However, VOX Cloud should be fully operative now.

If you face any issue that prevents you from using VOX Cloud, please reach our tech. support desk they will try to help you individually.

Hopefully, they will be able to provide you with some tips to kick start the processes that might have been stuck due to the maintenance.



It seems to be working now for me.


Since latest Mac OS nothing will sync to cloud. It will not let me manually upload. It will not let me add folders to sync. What is the problem with the service I have paid for that used to work? Is your software not compatible with latest Mac OS?


What VOX app version do you have?
Did you try to Drag&Drop your music to VOX app? Does the upload process start?