Any chance of an AppleTV app?


I would love to have a native Apple TV app. It much preferable to airplay etc.


would be awesome ! Shouldn’t be to hard with their new platform :slight_smile:


Apple TV app would be very awesome - found a work around using an aux2 input on my Marantz receiver from HDMI out of the macbook. Compared Vox to Roon and feels like a better sound from Vox - but may be due to my having more experience with Vox and the equalizer (love all the presets).


We really appreciate your efforts to provide us with feedback, as we try to improve our app for our customers on a daily basis.

Please advise how you see those features working with VOX app?

Can you please describe the way you would like to have this integration in VOX with as many details as possible and I will collect your request and we may consider adding some of those (or all) in future updates after we will be sure how to make it work with VOX.


+1 ! Would love to see this… :slight_smile:


I too would like to see a VOX app for Apple TV. It should be similar to the iOS app and the model generally used by Tidal and Apple’s own music app on the TV platform.


I would love an AppleTV app as well, or some form so I can connect via DNLA or server connection SMB, FTP, etc… so I can connect to my Audio receiver.


What if you started with some basic features like Vox Cloud, iTunes ( integration, Collections, and radio stations?