Another Day, Yet no follow through on promises or features. I'm Done


Yet another day with no follow through on features. To their credit, they did post a timeline, but if we follow the rest of these peoples track records, it will never be followed through. This is my final straw with this company.

-They refuse to give me a way to download my entire library out of the cloud in one shot. The drive that held my music has died and Vox was my only copy of my Hi res tracks I had. I have close to 41,000 songs in Vox. I will never get these files back.

-The snarky replies from developers/support when we hold their feet to the fire is unacceptable. You have a product that could 100% be fantastic, but refuse to get over your lazy selves and actually do what it takes to get the damn job done. Apps like Prism for Plex for example, was developed by ONE guy and has been out for a year. In that one year, it has 10x the features that this app that has been around for years doesn’t. Seriously.

I am moving over to Qobuz. They are running a special right now, that you can get their studio subscription for $14.99/mo and have unlimited downloads and streaming. They offer an iPad app, Mac App, and iOS app that all WORK. Unlimited ways to search for metadata and loads of Hi Res tracks. I had an exact copy of my Hi Res library in Apple Music that I was able to move to Qobuz with Soundiiz.

I am furious that you have taken my Hi Res library from me with no way to get it back. Shame on you! I worked hard to get those tracks over the years!

To anyone else reading this (if they haven’t taken this down), if you are considering this app and service, I suggest you take a hard look at other options before using this one. For those who are interested in Qobuz, here is the link to sign up.

Here is a link to Soundiiz to move your lossy (Spotify, Apple Music etc) to Qobuz.



Thanks for your post.

Well, as for today, we stay focused and really determinate working on new ReVOX app that will be able to run on Windows and macOS. We are planning to start closed beta testing sessions soon, and you should be there to check it out!

Please advise, what prevents you from downloading your music from VOX Cloud with a help of VOX for macOS?


I had the same issue downloading. I would tell it to download one album and it says done but three songs download and the 9 others are nowhere to be found. Click it again same three download but not the other 9 of the album. Our music is essentially locked in your app since the downloader doesn’t work.

Also, just to mention it again since I’ve been asking about this for 4+ years. Android, biggest phone OS install base in the world. Google makes it. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Might be interesting if you offered those users a way to listen to their music. Just an idea.


You have no way for me to batch download every song in my library at once. I want to move my library out of your cloud service and into google drive. Yet you refuse to have a way for me to do this. You have essentially stolen my music library. I uploaded here as a last ditch effort to save my music before the drive died, but now, I have 0 way to get it out, without going Album by album. I have over 9000 albums. Hell no.


Thanks for your posts!

If you are facing this kind of issue, I would suggest reaching our tech. support desk to have it sorted. Download Albums or Multiple tracks should be working flawlessly and they will help you get it resolved ASAP.

Yes, we don`t have an option to download all tracks in one go. You would need to download them by Album or by selecting multiple tracks in the Album.


We understand that downloading 9000 items will be time-consuming, but it doesn`t make it impossible!
If your subscription time is running out and you need some extra time to finish downloading your music from VOX Cloud just reach our tech. support desk and they will provide you with extra subscription time.

Finally, I will escalate this topic to a dev. team, probably we will consider to develop and introduce “download by Artist” functionality in future updates.
Would it be a solution for you?


No. I want to do to it all in one hit. Hell, can you make a temporary way for me to import to google drive. I have unlimited google drive space. 0 data caps. Given y’all’s track record, I’m not holding my breath.


Generally I think Vox is a great player, but I have to agree that the one key feature missing from Vox is control over the online library. I also cannot risk using Vox as my primary Cloud store for my music as I could never easily recover it. Artist by artist download is fine if there is a ‘select all’ feature or similar. I understand there may be valid performance reasons why this may be difficult, but make it a support feature at least, which can be enabled for a period after speaking to support. It is annoying I have to maintain a second cloud storage subscription as a backup. The above conversation suggests that even the new app will not have this, but at least it a PC only feature, disable on mobile apps.


Sigh. Still nothing from said developers. Another year, still no iPad app, Windows Support, Apple TV support etc.


Question, with all those collections, why don’t you have backup copies?

For me, I have two backup SSD’s, both includes the same amount my FLAC collections.

I guess part of it was your fault as well.


The drive I originally had these on died. I had a backup. I was able to obtain these files again elsewhere, but I’ll be damned if I ever use this service again.


I think I’d be hard pressed to blame a uploaded cloud service for the loss of my library. I have thousands upon thousands of dollars invested in my vast library. I’ve only just begun to upload my stuff. I’m going to put their “unlimited lossless files” to the test, trust me. But one thing you can guarantee. I have these babies backed up on multiple hard drives and multiple clouds. I don’t trust any source very much. I’ve worked in IT and I’ve seen the tears and pain when people have trusted to much in one source. Yes, I’m sure they will give you the ability to download your library, but if its really important to you, I’d take the time to download every single track no matter how long it took. Then back it up to physical disks and other clouds. Thats my opinion from being in IT for a few years. You cannot trust any one service.


You are right, and I’m not per say blaming them for losing my music. Im mad that they refused to make a way for you as an end user to batch pull things out. A simple SFTP or something of the sort would be easy to implement. Or hell, even WebDAV would be AMAZING.