Android Player


Big fan of VOX. It's actually all my problem's solution baked right into one player. The recent Youtube update was great. It's good to see great and innovative music players putting the right step forward.

Here is one big reason why I think you guys should push for an android player.
Ever since launching Loop. Ive wanted to get Loop as my go to cloud service for Music. Yet I couldn't because I want a cloud service that works with my phone as well as my Mac.
I have an android phone is the only problem. I think once you launch a cloud platform it is always better to diversify into all platforms and not just stick to one ecosystem. So please please give us an Android Player.


Hi Yug,

Thanks for reaching out!

Yeah, we will definitely release an Android version but currently we don't have the estimated dates for it.

Please feel free to write us back if any questions arise.


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Hi @VOX_Support_Team . I know that you guys are dealing with a lot right now. I hope you are all keeping safe amidst the invasion.

I was just wondering if the Android app is coming soon. Please reply when safe and convenient.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.