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Когда появился приложение на android


I agree. I would love an Android version. I mostly use Android devices, but also Mac and Windows on Desktop. But, since Vox just launched an uploader for Windows… then maybe a cross-platform app is coming. Idk.


Yes, you are absolutely right!

Currently we are developing a couple of brand new updates for the backend in order to introduce some improvements on iOS\macOS devices - more details will be shared soon.

In meantime, we are working hard on a ReVOX cross-platfrom app (for Windows, macOS, Linux) and the new iPad version of VOX app!

Keep an eye on VOX!


So then still no Android app anytime soon? I wrote a post years ago and was told to keep an eye out for news really soon. That was like 4 years ago.


Is there any update or roadmap for the Android version?
Thanks and keep going guys!


Hello, just bought premium, currently I am using ios but will be switching to Android soon. Are there any meaningful updates on an android player?



Yes, we are going to get VOX working on both Windows and Android, hopefully, already this year!

Keep an eye on VOX!


Any updates? Android support is most important to me.


Thanks for asking!

We are still working on it.


I came here to also echo the requests for Android support. It is surprising to me that the messaging has been the same for years now. Would it be possible to get notified when this is available?


We are currently releasing VOX Universal (beta) on Windows and macOS, hopefully, will be the next step!

If you would like to try out VOX Universal (beta), please submit your request here:!


Almost subscribed, but then I searched the Google Play Store and there is still no Android version of the player.

So no money for you until there is one.

P.S.: Please stop promising features years before they are delivered. You’re only going to disappoint people by not meeting expectations no one is forcing you to set.


Would love to purchase this app for Android and I know 7+ other Android Power User who would too. Linux would be too much to ask but we would be fine with Android :slight_smile:


are there any news about the android version???