Amazon Music HD


Hi all

New to Vox…not sure how i didn’t know about this app for so long! I have a question which might be basic but can’t work it out when checking the site and forums. I subscribe to Amazon Music HD and download tracks. I can’t see a way of Vox playing those. I notice there is a spotify app and i can select music downloaded by Spotify but is there no feature like that for Amazon music?




Thanks for your post!

The integration of Amazon music as a source in VOX app is worth implementing! believe it might happen, once we set up all details with Amazon.

We will keep you posted here!


According to VOX support team, you are not able to stream Amazon HD music offline as they are protected by DRM technology. As consequence, if you’d like to download Amazon songs as local files instead of cache files, you’ll need to use a professional Amazon solution, such as Tunelf Amatune Music Converter to unlock DRM lock and download amazon HD music offline on your devices.
The good news is that with this software, you can keep amazon HD music. Hope it can help you.


Nowadays, there is no integration between Amazon Music and the Vox app. But Amazon Music is streaming music files, which are cache files when you download them.
If you’d like to use Vox to play Amazon Music, please purchase them or use a third-party Amazon Music Converter to download Amazon Music locally and convert Amazon Music to Vox compatible audio tracks.
Anyway, looking for the feature to use Amazon Music in the Vox app directly.