Album artwork problem


I transferred my albums to google drive and opened it in vox mp but the album art wont show. I have 5 albums i transferred from drive to vox and i have not encounter a problem with the artwork in the past. In my mac the art shows. Not a problem in the mac vers if youre wondering. Is there a way to manually add the art or fix this?
There is also times when i pugged my iems and start the music but there was no sound and the music is playing, but it fix with a swipe so not much but theres also that.
Device: iphone 5s
Os: 12.4.8
Vox latest vers for my iphone

thank you


Thanks for reaching out!

I assume you’ve transferred your music via the > Share option, am I right?

Please make sure those files have album art embedded to the files, otherwise, the artwork might not show up.


they do. I havent had a problem with the other albums but this new one. I clicked “open in” -> vox app. Its exactly the same as i did in the past wether it was exporting or uploading to drive. Everything is intact like how it was in the mac (which works fine).


it is magically fixed last week though i dont know why it was a problem and updates dont mention about this fix but im glad thank you!