Album Art on Mini Player


I would love to see the album art on the mini player on Mac, as to me the art which comes with the music is an integral part of the listening experience



Thanks for your comment!

You are totally right! That is why we already have this feature introduced in VOX Music Player!


Probably, you would like to have it implemented some other way.

If so, please describe how it would work for you and we will collect your request!

To activate this feature in VOX Music player:

  • Go to Preferences > General
  • Check Mini Player`s options


It works when streaming soundcloud music, however It does not seem to work on my cloud music.


Same to me ,cloud music not work with album art on Mini Player.



Thanks for a heads up!

Our dev. team is going to have it fixed soon. Additionally, you may try to re-install the VOX app or use this reset script to reset the app to default -

It probably may help to solve the problem.

Stay Tuned!