Album Art Issues


I see another individual posted in an unresolved thread, about how album art didn’t show in his library full of OPUS files. I am in the same issue. A large library of OPUS files, all with cover.jpg and some with embedded album art also. Some album art shows, some doesn’t. It has no correlation with whether the files have embedded artwork or not. I took these album folders out of the foobar2000 app folder and dumped them straight into the VOX folder - in foobar2000 every single one of these albums had functional album art. A fix for this issue would be great as music location is almost impossible without it!



Thanks for posting here!

Did you try to upload those files for the first time, or you have made some changes and proceeded with re-uploading?

Did you try to store corresponding artworks inside the folder with music files you are going to upload, instead of embedding them?


Thanks for the response.

I’m not using the VOX online service, these issues occur only with local files.
All album folders contain a cover.jpg image. Some contain a cover.jpg AND embedded album art. This has no correlation with whether album art appears or not. It is totally random, around 1/2 of my albums have art.

I did an experiment, and took the image out of the folder of album A (an album where the art was working) and replaced the art in the folder of album B (an album where the art was not working). The art still did not work! Some albums simply refuse to display cover art.

I spoke to a friend of mine, and he has similar issues. You can test this yourself - place a number of albums of OPUS files into VOX iOS, with cover.jpg files, and some will refuse to display album art.

  • Update -

It seems that if you repeatedly refresh the music library by quitting and reopening the app, artworks will begin to display. Having done this ~10 times most of my artwork now displays. Still not sure why this occurs though, it would be great if all the artwork displayed the first time around!