Album Art in Artist View


It would be good to see album art in the artist view, instead of just a list of tracks. The album art can be used to quickly identify music you are looking for, especially if you don’t remember the name of the album. On other players, I will often scroll until I see the album cover I am looking for. This is not possible in Vox.



We try to keep stay conservative regarding the VOX UI and all that is connected with it. VOX was meant to be minimalistic and we can`t include a lot of pretty features, as they are out of this concept.

However, I will collect your request and we may consider adding this feature in future. It will be discussed internally and we will try to imagine how it should work.


Just want to reinforce the idea that this is not about making the app “pretty” (although there’s certainly nothing wrong with making your app look good), but is a request for a functional improvement. I’ve seen the word “minimalist” tossed around a good bit on these forums and I have also seen complaints about the UI being confusing or hard to navigate. I think that you may have sacrificed functionality or ease of use, in some cases, and have gone “too” minimalist on your player. People like to have a visual point of reference and the app could benefit with a few more of these in spots.



it´d be very nice!