AirPlay doesn't work on iPhone, iPad or OSX app


When I switch to and AirPlay speaker, the audio stops completely, though I was just using the same speaker to play from the Apple Music app. The problem is the same no matter how I try to connect; on both iOS apps and on the OSX app. And on the OSX app, I tried using the AirPlay button to connect directly, as well was the Same as System, with the Mac system set to an AirPlay speaker.

Finally, the speaker works fine with the iOS app if used as a Bluetooth speaker.

FYI, I have the latest versions of all apps on all devices, and the latest OS on all as well.



I’m having the same issue. Music plays from my phone via Airplay when I play Tidal but stops when I play VOX app. Music plays from VOX app via Airplay from my iPad but sound is terrible and skippy.


Same here—AirPlay is spotty or just flat out doesn’t work across the board.
Really hoping VOX prioritizes fixing this.