Airplay "clipping" on playback?


Hi all,
I’m having a consistent issue when using Airplay to connect Vox to different speakers in my home from both my iPhone 13 and my iPad Air. Playback will be normal for a few minutes and then produce audio clipping (literally a skipping noise) that interferes with the music. Pausing and restarting the music doesn’t help and restarting the Vox app/restarting the Airplay connection only resolves it temporarily.

I don’t know if this is interference from some other iOS function or what but it has occurred consistently when connecting with my Apple TV and my HomePod mini. Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas for a fix?


Non-Expert thoughts: Try with a song that has been downloaded for offline play onto phone or pad. If that plays fine then it is the internet connection. Vox goes from cloud to phone to WiFi to device to play. Something delaying connectivity somewhere. Sometimes I cycle power on my router, modem, phone, and things work.


Good call out, just tried it and… nope.
The downloaded tracks experiencing the same kind of clipping.


Did some testing today and the clipping/sputtering sound seemed to happen when I was sending/receiving SMS texts (not iMessages). any thoughts/ideas?


Usually stopping & starting solves this problem for me… for what it’s worth.


Hi, reporting the same issues when streaming VOX to my HomePod Mini. Happens with both an iPhone 13 Pro, or a 2021 14-inch MacBook Pro M1 Max. I’m not able to identify a pattern yet, happens randomly.


I feel it happens most often when sending/receiving texts or if plug a lightning cable into my phone to charge while VOX is playing


Our QA and are investigating this happening, we will try to use various conditions and definitely will try what you’ve mentioned here.

Please also check if it only happens while streaming to BT devices or using AirPlay? Does it reproduce when using build-in output or wired connection?


Thank you!
I’ve only ever experienced it using AirPlay/BT and only to Apple TV and HomePod.
It doesn’t happened when i use wireless Beats headphones.


I’m curiously watching this thread. I get clipping when I use iPad Pro via Airplay. When I use my iPhone 11 there is no playback at all.


I’ve been using VOX for close to a year now and the app (on both iOS and macOS) has never played particularly well with AirPlay. I’m hoping that that changes with updates soon.